An oil painting anchors a moment a moment in time, allowing us to relive a memory or a feeling. My goal is to create an painting that gives you this feeling each time you see it.  

In order to deliver your portrait to the highest standards possible, I utilize the following procedure: The process begins with a meeting or call to discuss the mood, style, and setting for the portrait. Following this, a photoshoot is scheduled to capture the subject as it will be painted. Here, we work closely with you and your horse to best capture their personality in the photoshoot. 

If necessary, portable studio lighting ensures that from any location, barn or pasture, a quality reference image will be captured from which I will create the finished portrait. 


Charcoal Portraits start at $150

Oil Portraits start at $950.

Pricing is based on the following: the number of people or animals in the painting; how much of each subject is to be depicted; the size of the actual painting itself; the intricacy of clothing and props, and the complexity of the background setting. Additional figures are discounted at 50%. Travel expenses, shipping fees, and any state or city sales tax, where applicable, are additional. A deposit of 50% will be due when you sign the contract. The balance is due at the completion of commission and acceptance by the client. 

Approximate Equine Equivalents

16” x 20” - 50% life-size of a medium to large dog

24” x 36” - 50% life-size of a horse head and neck 

36” x 40” - 80%-90% Life Size

48"x48" and above - Life Size

Approximate size for life size portraits (inches)

20" x 16" to 24" x 20" - Head and Shoulders

28" x 22" - Three-Quarters

40" x 30" or larger - Full Body Image

Prices and sizes as published above are guidelines only. The price for your custom portrait will be quoted at the time of your portrait consultation and finalized in your contract.

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